Friday, April 28, 2006

A Beginning

This is the first of what I hope are many postings to stimulate a worldwide discussion on the Lively Jewish Arts and Culture. I am connected to the website All About Jewish Theatre -- -- which is posting and generating many projects of great interest and excitement. I hope you go to visit there and conversation can come out of that as well.

I also have my own webpage which I encourage you to visit:

Some of my writing is on that site.

But I am interested in hearing from people about what they think of as Jewish arts and culture:

Do you think it's a "Seinfeld" television show or is it something else?

Is it something that comes out of religion or is it part of the ongoing existence of the Jewish experience in the world?

Is it monolithic or pluralistic?

Is there purity in it or is it affected by the cultures around and within us?

Is it unique in world culture, for instance can you look at a painting or see a performance and say that is Jewish cultural expression?

And if it is unique, then what are those unique components and where do they come from?

As I write in the title this is just a beginning.....