Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lively Jewish Arts and Culture

The Dylan ApproachIn the May 1 New Yorker Bob Dylan is quoted from his memoirs "Chronicles" about the Brecht/Weill Threepenny Opera:

"They were erratic, unrhythmical, herky-jerky---wierd visions....Every song seemed to come from some obscure tradition, seemed to have a pistol in its hip pocket, a club or a brickbat and they came at you in crutches, braces and wheelchairs. They were like folk songs in nature, but unlike folk songs, too, because they were sophisticated...

(referring to "Pirate Jenny") I took the song apart and unzipped it. It was the form, the free verse association, the structure, and disregard for the known certainty of melodic patterns to make it seriously matter, to give it its cutting edge."

Here we have a description of the Jewish artist referring back to the Weillian song, that is already intertextual, Dylan then deconstructs it and reinvents it in an intertextual way.

How Talmudic!

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