Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting there

So this is the end of the week. I have heard from a lot of people who are looking forward to the Jewish theatre conference in Chicago and our team is getting ready

I just want to take a step back to think about the artistic side of it all. Jewish arts is really no different than any other arts in its execution.

All arts longs to reach the transcendent and all arts seeks to build community and a sense of exploration through the emotions, intellect, body, and spirit. Jewish arts, African-American, Irish, Latino, Gay, and more. But the problem is that we don't understand that in our difference we are all one. We think we act like we are one either by pretending that we accept each other when we really continue to conflate issues of difference and harbor hatred -- witness the horrible brouhaha over the Islamic Center in lower Manhattan. Or we try to merge all cultures into the "Why can't we just get along?" Rodney King mantra.

But the really cool thing, which is also a paradox, is that in our difference we are truly one. We were meant to be different and to come from different cultures and identities and that when we gather together and explore our differences and similarities together by looking at each other through the other's lens -- then we are one. The ultimate paradox best explored through art -- Being Many Through Being One; Being One Through Being Many.

Shabbat Shalom, Salaam Aleichem, Peace Be Unto You


Henrik Eger said...

David, I have read many of your articles and comments over the years, all thoughtful and caring in one way or another, but this one had the greatest impact on me.

I salute you and am very much looking forward to our conference.


David Chack said...

Looking forward to seeing you as well.