Sunday, August 29, 2010


So much of what we do in the arts has to do with just surviving. We look for work, we keep peddling our goods, we join people for projects not knowing if they will pay off, and we do what we can to support ourselves while we keep going and going and WAITING.

What if we were supported without all the work that goes into getting the support...only to not get it? What if there was an appreciation for the arts in this country so that there was a process that made sense. And artists and those promoting the arts could just enter into that process and get funding to pursue their dreams, at least to the extent that gives it a real chance?

But somehow the arts are supposed to be underfunded. New forms of culture aren't valued by those with money, unless these forms bring in money of their own. So the way to reach success is money and the indicator that brings money is money. What is wrong with this picture?

And we wait and wait and wait...

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ej eats said...

Totally agree Dave! It's very unfortunate & America in my mind has definitely gone down in this area unless you like special effects movies! Yech!