Sunday, August 08, 2010


I have been changing over the last three years and as I have journeyed so has my work and my art. I am now working not only for Jewish theatre and arts but also for theatre from other identities and cultures. I am working on a show now from an LGBT point of view and I am working with artists and their narratives to construct a theatre that we call identity and heritage theatre.

What is the theory behind all of this? I recently read some works that are about how to best understand Kabbalah from historical contexts. The book by Moshe Idel, "Ascensions on High in Jewish Mysticism: Pillars, Lines and Ladders" posits that by adopting the point of view of the other in order to understand oneself is a way to not only understand the way others view you, but to find new ways to view oneself. It is like looking in a mirror with a mirror behind one. The reflection continues and multiple images appear. So it is in a perspectivist approach. there is more to this but I realize that I have already applied that to my art and my work.

So I call it Perspectivist Arts and Culture. There is more to say about my theories, about the wonderful theatre group that has been accepting my theories and practice and putting them into action in a very intense laboratory setting, but I will leave it there for now and try to continue this even more as the days go by.

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